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New Zealand is a popular destination among Indian students who want to study abroad. The higher education system of New Zealand is modelled on that of the education system in the United Kingdom and the United States, however, the land of Kiwis offer an amazing international education experience to students at comparatively lower costs than the costs of education in the US and the UK.  Before head for getting your higher education from a New Zealand university, you will need to finalise upon your student accommodation.

It has been indicated that our surroundings can have an extensive impact on our mental well-being. The area we live in, that vicinity plays a great role in shaping our distinct personalities. Especially if you are an international student, it is essential that you live in a progressive environment. Your choice of accommodation matters most as you’ll be far apart from your home and while you’re going to pursue your studies in New Zealand, the least you could do is find an accommodation where you don’t feel homesick often.

There are a wide variety of accommodation options you can choose from in New Zealand, however, it is suggested that you choose a place which is near to your campus, especially if you are on a budget. This will help you save some additional cost of studying in New Zealand- such as transportation, food, utilities, water and electricity etc.

Most Indian students choose on-campus residence options upon their arrival since it’s the most convenient option for the students. These on-campus accommodations include:

Halls of residence, these are similar to a dormitory and you can choose from a single room and a twin share room. The halls of residence also include options to choose which services you want to pay for. For instance, if you choose fully catered options, then all your meals would be provided for. Some campuses also have a self-catered option where students have their own room and access to a shared kitchen.

Homestays- undergraduate students who travel away from their families for the first time may like the Homestay option wherein you are placed with a local New Zealand family. This is the best option to live with a local and to experience New Zealand’s culture up close in a family orientated environment

The typical cost of the university provided accommodation in New Zealand is 200 Dollars to 300 dollars per week. If you want a cost-effective option, you choose an off-campus accommodation, this can be a rental apartment close to your campus or a shared room/house.

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