What is Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics

All businesses today rely on having a digital presence to market their brands, sell products, and interact with customers. What is Adobe Analytics, and how might it aid in the accomplishment of your commercial objectives?

Let’s get started! After reading this, you should have a basic understanding of Adobe Analytics and Web analytics in general, as well as a better idea of whether this is a route you want to take further.

Do you need a Digital Analytics solution?

Let’s start by attempting to comprehend the requirements of an e-Commerce corporation stakeholder. To “maximize the ROI of the digital investment” (e-shop, mobile app, etc.) would be a general demand. It’s up to you to decide how this applies to your individual situation. Most frequently, this refers to revenue maximization, an increase in ARPU, client retention, NPS, or a related concept. Someone will claim that this data is already there in the transactional database, the CRM system, or the third party that distributes surveys. Although this is true, on its own, it offers little to help those crucial indicators. What should we do to maximize:

  • If we don’t know how customers move about our store, how can we estimate revenue?
  • Conversion rate if we don’t know what users did prior to purchasing something (or not)?
  • If we are unaware of the products that clients over time exhibit interest in, how can we calculate ARPU?
  • If we do not discover their problems and frustrations as they browse, how can we increase retention and NPS?

We must keep in mind that customers have expressed interest in our brand and are actually visiting it. Making customer experience with our brand as enjoyable and easy as we can should be our goal! wonderful cause, in my opinion! Therefore, we need to have a wealth of information about what customers do between seeing our site and making a purchase (if any).

We must be able to comprehend the various steps that customers performed. which stage of the buying cycle people most frequently leave our brand. How frequently do people return to the complaints page following a purchase? This perspective opens up a field where issues can be raised and solutions sought that would not otherwise be available.

Even if you directly poll your clients, the answers will range from false (at best) to deceptive (at worst). Instead of asking them, visitors tell more about our brand by their behavior. In sales, this is especially true. Nothing says more than someone pulling out their wallet!

Adobe Analytics

Let’s attempt to comprehend Adobe Analytics. The Adobe Cloud suite includes analytics, one of the company’s main products. There are many features accessible as a set of goods, but this article will just focus on Adobe Analytics.

Analytics’ primary goal is to offer a complete solution to assist you in comprehending web behavioral data. It is an enterprise solution (i.e. features, SLAs, access control, pricing) that makes it possible for you to easily collect, store, process, and view data. It makes it possible to swiftly view current performance and make data-backed decisions.

How can you determine which part of a multi-step funnel on your website is underperforming? If you don’t, you’ll probably need to conduct user research, talk to specific users, or perhaps even question your own workers. We will never be able to determine how closely this corresponds to reality. Imagine being able to provide the majority of your visitors with a view. You could make more secure decisions if you did that.

The above data is the only way to confirm that there is a drop rate of more than 80% in the last stage of the funnel. The key to accomplishing such jobs is to slice and dice the client behavior based on numerous data points. There are hundreds of data points available in even the most basic Adobe Analytics solution. These can be altered to assist you in creating such reports. You may then direct your time and effort where it will have the biggest impact. moving forward!

Useful visualizations

A flow visualization would be helpful if you want to see the order that visitors go through various sections.

On the other hand, you also have the freedom to compare between important segments if that’s your main concern.

The primary analysis tool for interactive and exploratory work that is designed with flexibility is Adobe Workspace. It is quite simple to combine numerous reports, graphs, and data points. Your desire to become data-driven will determine how insightful you find the aforementioned visuals. You are responsible for expanding the quantity of data points you can access in Analytics.

There are numerous ways to examine, exchange, and analyze the aforementioned data elements. It can help you and other business stakeholders understand your customers from a variety of angles. The best part is that it relieves your BI and IT teams of a significant amount of work in gathering, storing, and analyzing this data. To speed up decision-making, the procedure is significantly more simplified and conceals all the challenges of data engineering. This is really effectively demonstrated in the video.

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