What is the effectiveness of online digital marketing courses and training programs?

online digital marketing courses and training programs

Everything is now available online. And we’ve grown accustomed to this system because we want everything delivered to our door. Even now, we buy groceries online. So why not learn online as well? Of course, it is not possible to complete your entire education online, but there are many courses that can be completed through online classes that add value to your education. Google also provides numerous internet marketing courses online. And when it comes to marketing, there are numerous online digital marketing courses available. 

In that case, simply searching “Online best digital marketing course in Nashik” on Google will yield a plethora of courses that you can complete at your own pace. There will be different levels, and you must complete each one one by one. When you complete all of the levels, you will be eligible for a certificate. After receiving the certificate, you will be considered a certified digital marketer.

However, the online course is not limited to this. In fact, you can obtain a certificate by completing each level, but you will not gain the level of expertise that a mentor can provide. But, once again, how can you find a good mentor in an online class?

Online class with a mentor

You can, however, learn digital marketing online with the assistance of a mentor. And how about getting a feel for a real classroom? At theschoolrific Academy, we offer a best digital marketing training in nashik online classroom programme in which students communicate with us via Skype and other online tools. Here, an expert digital marketer mentor leads a one-and-a-half-hour class, similar to how the coach leads the classroom session.

Students who have registered for the online class are sent a link to connect with the mentor during the class. When all of the students have connected, the mentor will begin the session. It is undeniably a one-on-one session, and students can easily communicate with the mentor. Just like in a real classroom, students can ask the mentor for clarification on any questions they have, 

Screen sharing

Digital marketing is not a subject that can be taught solely through books. The schoolrificAcademy’s specialty is that everything the mentor teaches the students is based on his experience and has a completely practical approach to learning. When it comes to the online class, the mentor activates the screen sharing feature, allowing everyone in the class to see what is happening on the screen. For example, if the mentor is teaching about Facebook ads, he will demonstrate to the students how to run a Facebook ad using the screen sharing option.

After demonstrating them, he will instruct the students to run a Facebook ad, and if any student gets stuck, the mentor will assist the student via screen sharing. As a result, the students in the online class face no technical difficulties.

Fully recorded session

Regardless of the fact that the sessions are organised by module. However, some students may be unable to attend the class due to personal reasons. In that case, our mentor records the entire online session and then sends the student a link to the recording. As a result, he or she can easily watch the session and confidently attend the next class.

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