When Can I Buy Kopi Luwak Coffee In Stock?

You may already be aware that Civet Coffee is one of the rarest types of coffee in existence; it is produced using the coffee berries’ beans, which the Asian Palm Civet consumes and then passes through its digestive system. The Civet cat has an ingrained habit of only consuming the finest coffee berries, and its digestive system contains some great proteolytic enzymes that penetrate the beans and produce shorter peptides and more free amino acids.

Popular Production Areas of Kopi Luwak

Bali is where the name “Kopi Luwak” first appeared. Balinese “Kopi” means “coffee,” and “Luwak” is the term used locally to refer to the Palm civet. Kopi Luwak is made in the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam in addition to Indonesia. If you are wondering to buy Kopi Luwak coffee then you can give us a call.

Best Flavors at Catasscoffee

The beans do not lose their shape as they move through the civet’s intestines and are ultimately feces. As a result, we receive a fragrant coffee that is heavenly in flavor, considerably less bitter, and lower in caffeine.

The digestive mechanism of civet cats’ proteolytic enzymes breaks down coffee beans to produce this distinctive and delicate flavor. You’ll undoubtedly concur that the result is a coffee that is genuinely exquisite, smooth, delectable, and flavorful.

You can get the purest form of coffee at Catasscoffee

  • The purest form of Kopi Luwak is what we offer. 


  • We produce coffee trees without the use of artificial fertilizers because we are huge supporters of the organic movement. 


  • Also, there is a usage of organic fertilizer to ensure outstanding flavor throughout every step of the coffee production process, for both civet and human consumption. 


  • Caring about the welfare of our animals is our priority, therefore we work hard to produce the greatest coffee while also giving our wild civet cats a haven to wander free in Southeast Asia.


  •  Also, we make sure that everyone benefits from the process of making the most delicious Kopi Luwak.

Wild Civet Cats, 100%

Our plantation is tucked away in the lush Luwak ecosystem of the Philippines, which is home to about 2800 wild civets. We value the animal rights movement and think that our Asian Palm Civets should have the freedom and care they need in a secure refuge on our coffee farms. These Asian Palm Civets, also called Luwaks (sometimes known as Civet Cats), are allowed to choose the beans they eat and to consume a wide range of their natural foods, which enhances the flavor of our delectable Civet Coffee.

Final Thoughts

The Indonesian Asian Palm Civets are particularly particular animals. They only consume the best-tasting, most ripe coffee beans. This is what gives Kopi Luwak Coffee its famed and highly sought-after non-bitter and chocolaty flavor.

Kopi Luwak is reassuringly pricey due to the labor-intensive technique of gathering the wild civets’ coffee droppings and the extremely small amount of coffee that is produced.

You may be confident that you are purchasing the finest and most delectable coffee available. If you are willing to have the best taste of coffee Kopi Luwak, then give us a quote.

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