Why kids are so fascinated by Pizza

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Pizza Mania is not something new for kids of this generation. Pizza is the favorite of almost every kid and this is the first meal they want to have without showing any tantrums. In fact, kids are so fascinated by this Italian food that is that this is the first thing they want to eat. There are many who drop the idea of going out with friends if any one of the family members has ordered pizza. 

Even a 4-year-old child knows much about pizza and this is his/her favorite food too. You can get an idea about the popularity of pizza by this. Kids are now very smart and they better know how to order their favorite pizza from the nearby restaurant. They don’t need any help during the entire ordering process. Kids are very much fascinated by Pizza. Many of them are so crazy about pizza that wants to have it on their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From all this, you can imagine the craze of pizza among kids irrespective of their culture, food habits, and gender. 

Most mothers around the globe face this issue and it is really very difficult to handle the situation. It is very difficult for them to make their kids eat home-cooked foods as they show thousands of tantrums not to eat them. Instead, they give hundreds of excuses to order pizza. Whenever they found a pizza restaurant near their place, they wanted to have that on their dining table.  But have you ever wonder why kids are so fascinated by it? There may be different reasons for this addiction among kids. A few of them are listed below: 

1. Appearance

 We all know that the first impression is the last impression. If you succeeded in giving a good first impression, half of the battle you won. This is the same which goes in the case of Pizza. 

Pizza looks so stunning and indulging look wise that every one of us wants it, especially kids. The pizza craving is so strong that you cannot stop on just one slice. You want to have all the pizza until it is unboxed completely. The strong and addictive smell also plays a very important role in making pizza cravings high. 

2. Ingredients

Though it takes only a few ingredients to make pizza. It is up to you to avoid or add some extra ingredients of your taste in pizza. Even if you are ordering pizza from your nearby restaurant, you can order dough of your choice, cheese, sauces, and other toppings that you like to have in your pizza. 

3. Toppings

Toppings are the best part of Pizza. You will have all the toppings that you like to have in your pizza. Colorful toppings make it looks very attractive and fascinating. They arise the interest of children to have it. . A thin cheese crust having enough amount of tomato sauce with lots of mozzarella cheese, sweet corn, bell pepper, mushroom, onions, baby corn, pickles, and all of your favorite toppings make the pizza box a wonder box for the people especially kids. 

4. Complete Meal

Expect Pizza, there is rarely a meal that kids want to have repeatedly. The biggest relief for their parents is that pizza is a complete package in itself. However pizza is high in calories, but it is good for kids because they involve in a lot of physical activities like playing outdoor games. You dont have to worry if you serve your child pizza and they skip their lunch or snacks in the passion of playing with their friends. Each bite of pizza full fills the nutrients and calorie needs. 

Pizza is one of the most loved food across the globe that no distraction can stop kids from craving it more in their breakfast, lunch, snacks, and even dinner times. It is one of the most frequently ordered and cooked food in every corner of the world. 

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