5 Major Windows 11 Features and Changes!

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Windows 11 Features and Changes

Hello, this is TikyWeb’s Vikram Raj Kumar, and Windows 11 is finally here. Officially, we’ve already had a good look at the new Windows 11 user interface. The new start menu has the rounded corners, the new animations, the widgets etc from the leaked Windows 11 build and now Microsoft has even showcased the new settings apps, which, as you can see, look a lot cleaner with a new theme section and other options there. The new action centre looks cool and there’s also the new notification centre, but you know what, apart from this new revamped UI that Windows 11 brings, the new features are also super interesting, so in this video, we’re going to take a look at the five key features and changes that Windows 11 brings, so yeah, let’s get started.

The first is the brand new store, which we knew was coming. It was long overdue, and it’s finally here. As you can see, it has a new layout and UI that goes with the whole new modern Windows 11 design, and I think it looks way better than the cluttered store that is currently. It is also said to be faster and more responsive, which I’ll have to test, and the search is said to be better as well.

As you can see, the Microsoft store is using the Amazon app store so that you can install android apps on 11. I’m excited about this because how android apps work is using the intel bridge tech to make it work on 11.

I already showed you the new snap feature in Windows 11 in a previous video, and it’s very cool, but there’s more to it. Sure, different snap layouts are depending on different screen sizes and resolutions, which is great, but what’s even better is that Windows will remember these layouts even when you switch to a different app. Microsoft Teams are now integrated into Windows 11 (yep, goodbye Skype). As you can see, there is now a team icon on the taskbar and you can simply click that to open up this chat list. It’s very simple. Now you can click on a contact and easily make or accept a call. You can even use this to text people on the go teams available on our platform.

Windows 11 is also a significant update for gamers, as Microsoft is bringing its Xbox series x and s features, the most notable of which is a new feature called auto HDR, which will automatically update games with better lighting and more vibrant colours. Here’s what I mean: running in HDR and in auto HDR side by side and you can see the difference in colours right now will work in not only but a lot of games.

Another cool feature is direct storage, which is game loading assets on the GPU, resulting in much faster game launching and loading times. Finally, the Xbox app is deeply integrated into Windows 11, and PCs will support the Xbox cloud gaming service, allowing you to stream games directly from your PC, which is fantastic. Apart from all of these cool features, here are the Windows 11 system requirements: as you can see, 4GB of RAM is required, as is a 64GB chipset. You can also download the new PC health checkup app, which will tell you if your device will support the 11 updates.

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