5 Major Windows 11 Features and Changes!

Windows 11 Features

Reading Time: 6 minutes Windows 11 Features and Changes Hello, this is TikyWeb’s Vikram Raj Kumar, and Windows 11 is finally here. Officially, we’ve already had a good look at the new Windows 11 user interface. The new start menu has the rounded corners, the new animations, the widgets etc from the leaked Windows 11 build and now Microsoft … Read more

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Whiten Skin ? | Healthy Glow Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar

Reading Time: 6 minutes Apple Cider Vinegar Whiten Skin Summary: You are here because you are searching for an answer to the question, “Does apple cider vinegar whiten skin?”. As you were searching, I’m assuming you found a number of search results that said yes; they were selling skin lighteners, face washes and other health aids that claim to … Read more

How Social Media Has Affected Our Life ? | Social Media Lifestyle

Social Media Life

Reading Time: 7 minutes Social Media Lifestyle If we look at our daily routine, we will be surprised to see the amount of time we usually spend connected to our mobiles. And what do we do most of the time? Is it office work, or something very important? The answer is most of the time we are scrolling through our feeds … Read more

9 Latest WordPress SEO Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know

WordPress SEO guide

Reading Time: 19 minutes WordPress SEO Ultimate Guide WordPress SEO || +1-855-370-3449 WordPress is one of the best content management systems when it comes to SEO. But even though it gets a lot right “out of the box,” there’s much more that you can do to improve your performance. Optimizing your site using the tactics and best practices outlined … Read more

Top Cryptocurrency 2021 by value: Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin and more

Top Cryptocurrency 2021

Reading Time: 11 minutes Top Cryptocurrency 2021 Introduction The fiction ghostwriting services list on the top cryptocurrency 2021 ranks the world’s most significant coins based on market capitalization, which is the total value of all coins in circulation. While it will be a long time before an altcoin unseats Bitcoin and Ether from the top two spots, the rest … Read more

Why Building An Audience-First Communications Strategy is Key – Litmus

Reading Time: 17 minutes Email is often the most important component of a communications strategy. In many cases, it’s the only method by which your audience consumes the information you’re providing. It may not be the sole method and probably shouldn’t be, but treating it as if it were can lead to well-positioned, effective communications—that break through and drive … Read more

Complete Local Marketing Guide: 20 Best Local Marketing Strategies

Reading Time: 44 minutes Local marketing is all about connecting with the right customers in your specific area. We’ve got so many different options when it comes to running marketing campaigns. The thing is, they don’t always apply to local businesses. With the right tactics, reaching your customers doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow this complete guide on … Read more

20+ Awesome Follow-Up Email Examples For Agency Professionals

Reading Time: 31 minutes It is said that the first impression is the last. That holds true all the more when you’re pitching your product or service to potential leads. Every contact you have with them matters! Unfortunately, it takes more than a dozen “first impressions” before you get a response from them. That is why follow-up emails are … Read more

Amazon-backed Indian D2C beauty brand MyGlamm raises $71 million – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 8 minutes MyGlamm, a direct-to-consumer beauty brand in India that sells most of its products through its own website, app and retail touch points, said on Monday it has raised $71.3 million in a financing round as the Mumbai-headquartered firm looks to scale its business across the South Asian market. The startup had raised $23.5 million in … Read more

Google Link Spam Algorithm Update Rolling Out on July 26

Reading Time: 4 minutes Google begins rolling out the “link spam update,” which makes its algorithms more effective at identifying and nullifying link spam. The update begins rolling out today and will take at least two weeks to roll out broadly to search results in multiple languages. Google cautions that changes in rankings are imminent for some site owners: … Read more

Polestar to double its retail stores as it seeks to ramp up EV sales – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 5 minutes Polestar plans to launch in nine more markets this year, doubling its global presence as it seeks to sell more of its electric sedans. The company, which is the electric performance vehicle brand under Volvo Car Group, said it is also planning to double the number of retail stores to 100 locations and add more … Read more

Best MLM Software Compared By Crazy Egg

Reading Time: 27 minutes Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. A multi-level marketing software or MLM software isn’t designed to do just one thing. It can help you with everything from inventory to marketing to distribution. But before you implement one into your system, … Read more

I get it, Elizabeth Holmes – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 10 minutes Beth Esponnette Contributor Beth Esponnette is the co-founder and executive chair of unspun, a startup that makes custom-fit jeans from a body scan using machine learning and 3D weaving. Elizabeth Holmes’ raspy, deep voice helped her raise more than $700 million for her now-defunct company, Theranos. When I step into any boardroom for a pitch, … Read more

Do Vaccinated People Need To Go Back To Masking? What Experts Say

Reading Time: 9 minutes More than 97 percent of hospitalizations are among the unvaccinated: CDC director (File) Washington: With the Delta variant pushing US Covid cases back up, fully vaccinated people are wondering whether they need to start masking indoors again. Covid vaccines remain extremely effective against the worst outcomes of the disease — hospitalization and death — and … Read more