5 Major Windows 11 Features and Changes!

Windows 11 Features

Reading Time: 6 minutes Windows 11 Features and Changes Hello, this is TikyWeb’s Vikram Raj Kumar, and Windows 11 is finally here. Officially, we’ve already had a good look at the new Windows 11 user interface. The new start menu has the rounded corners, the new animations, the widgets etc from the leaked Windows 11 build and now Microsoft … Read more

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Whiten Skin ? | Healthy Glow Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar

Reading Time: 6 minutes Apple Cider Vinegar Whiten Skin Summary: You are here because you are searching for an answer to the question, “Does apple cider vinegar whiten skin?”. As you were searching, I’m assuming you found a number of search results that said yes; they were selling skin lighteners, face washes and other health aids that claim to … Read more

How Social Media Has Affected Our Life ? | Social Media Lifestyle

Social Media Life

Reading Time: 7 minutes Social Media Lifestyle If we look at our daily routine, we will be surprised to see the amount of time we usually spend connected to our mobiles. And what do we do most of the time? Is it office work, or something very important? The answer is most of the time we are scrolling through our feeds … Read more

9 Latest WordPress SEO Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know

WordPress SEO guide

Reading Time: 19 minutes WordPress SEO Ultimate Guide WordPress SEO || +1-855-370-3449 WordPress is one of the best content management systems when it comes to SEO. But even though it gets a lot right “out of the box,” there’s much more that you can do to improve your performance. Optimizing your site using the tactics and best practices outlined … Read more

Top Cryptocurrency 2021 by value: Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin and more

Top Cryptocurrency 2021

Reading Time: 11 minutes Top Cryptocurrency 2021 Introduction The fiction ghostwriting services list on the top cryptocurrency 2021 ranks the world’s most significant coins based on market capitalization, which is the total value of all coins in circulation. While it will be a long time before an altcoin unseats Bitcoin and Ether from the top two spots, the rest … Read more

Planted raises another $18M to expand its growing plant-based meat empire (and add schnitzel) – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 5 minutes Swiss alternative protein company Planted has raised its second CHF 17M (about $18.5M at present) round of the year, a “pre-B” fundraise that will help it continue its growth and debut new products. A U.S. launch is in the cards eventually but for now Planted’s exclusively European customers will be able to give its new … Read more

Stimulus Check 4 Gains Momentum |

Reading Time: 4 minutes Stimulus Check four has gained significant momentum. The government of Joe Biden announced aid for the citizen. The American Rescue Plan was passed four months ago. The plan provided essential monetary funding to the common people. The main purpose of the program was to lessen the financial burden of the people. Most of the citizens have … Read more

Your Tuesday Briefing

Reading Time: 8 minutes We’re covering Covax’s failures and Simone Biles’s return at the Olympics. How Covax fell short The multibillion-dollar alliance of international health systems and nonprofits was supposed to ensure that poor countries received vaccines as quickly as rich ones. Instead, Covax struggled in its attempts to secure doses, falling half a billion short of its target, … Read more

Increasing Communication Systems to Improve Digital Marketing Strategy

Reading Time: 13 minutes Introduction  As a type of skill set, communication often is perceived as a ‘soft skill’. However, for a field like Digital Marketing, which relies heavily on connecting with the target audience through content and media, effective communication is the backbone.  Digital Marketing essentially refers to the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using … Read more

Why social sharing is the world’s most awesome content marketing metric | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}

Reading Time: 12 minutes The most important metric for any digital marketing effort is conversions. We all like money. But AFTER conversions, I have a radical idea of the most powerful metric for your content marketing: Social sharing. Social sharing has been unfairly maligned as a “vanity metric” but I think it’s critical for most businesses because it drives … Read more

MGA Thermal raises $8M AUD led by Main Sequence for its modular energy storage blocks – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 9 minutes MGA Thermal co-founders Erich Kisi and Alex Post MGA Thermal wants to help utility companies transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources with shoebox-sized thermal energy storage blocks. The company says a stack of 1,000 blocks is about the size of a small car and can store enough energy to power 27 homes for … Read more

Smart Strategies To Attract Candidates For Virtual Recruiting Events – ONPASSIVE

Reading Time: 11 minutes Virtual events have become the new normal due to the impact of Covid-19. According to few studies, the usage of online events has risen drastically since the outbreak of the pandemic situation.  Among the many changes and transitions across various fields and departments, even talent acquisition teams have adapted to the changes and quickly shifted … Read more

Amazon will pay you $10 in credit for your palm print biometrics – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 6 minutes How much is your palm print worth? If you ask Amazon, it’s about $10 in promotional credit if you enroll your palm prints in its checkout-free stores and link it to your Amazon account. Last year, Amazon introduced its new biometric palm print scanners, Amazon One, so customers can pay for goods in some stores … Read more

Roadblocks Every Marketer Should Expect And How To Avoid Them – Spiralytics Inc

Reading Time: 12 minutes There’s no denying that the marketing industry is improving at an unparalleled pace, creating huge, seemingly unbridgeable gaps in marketing strategies, technology, and talent. Though this improvement is favorable to consumers as companies are forced to step up, it poses serious concerns for marketers. The truth is, the pool of marketing talents is underprepared. Aside … Read more

Rarely Seen Photos From Lollapalooza in the ’90s Show Its Wilder Side

Reading Time: 9 minutes Getty Images Tens of thousands of people poured into Chicago’s Grant Park for the 2021 Lollapalooza music festival, another milestone in the ongoing return of large live events. This year marked something of an anniversary for the festival, which started 30 years ago this summer as a traveling show with entirely alternative acts. The tour … Read more