5 Major Windows 11 Features and Changes!

Windows 11 Features

Reading Time: 6 minutes Windows 11 Features and Changes Hello, this is TikyWeb’s Vikram Raj Kumar, and Windows 11 is finally here. Officially, we’ve already had a good look at the new Windows 11 user interface. The new start menu has the rounded corners, the new animations, the widgets etc from the leaked Windows 11 build and now Microsoft … Read more

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Whiten Skin ? | Healthy Glow Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar

Reading Time: 6 minutes Apple Cider Vinegar Whiten Skin Summary: You are here because you are searching for an answer to the question, “Does apple cider vinegar whiten skin?”. As you were searching, I’m assuming you found a number of search results that said yes; they were selling skin lighteners, face washes and other health aids that claim to … Read more

How Social Media Has Affected Our Life ? | Social Media Lifestyle

Social Media Life

Reading Time: 7 minutes Social Media Lifestyle If we look at our daily routine, we will be surprised to see the amount of time we usually spend connected to our mobiles. And what do we do most of the time? Is it office work, or something very important? The answer is most of the time we are scrolling through our feeds … Read more

9 Latest WordPress SEO Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know

WordPress SEO guide

Reading Time: 19 minutes WordPress SEO Ultimate Guide WordPress SEO || +1-855-370-3449 WordPress is one of the best content management systems when it comes to SEO. But even though it gets a lot right “out of the box,” there’s much more that you can do to improve your performance. Optimizing your site using the tactics and best practices outlined … Read more

Top Cryptocurrency 2021 by value: Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin and more

Top Cryptocurrency 2021

Reading Time: 11 minutes Top Cryptocurrency 2021 Introduction The fiction ghostwriting services list on the top cryptocurrency 2021 ranks the world’s most significant coins based on market capitalization, which is the total value of all coins in circulation. While it will be a long time before an altcoin unseats Bitcoin and Ether from the top two spots, the rest … Read more

Essay on Coronavirus ( Covid-19) 1100 words for UPSC exam – Ritu’s Academy

Reading Time: 13 minutes Introduction Essay on coronavirus covid-19 for UPSC competitive exams and for college students and also applicable for high class students. Corona virus  named pandemic is a huge disaster in the world which takes millions lives from last year to present time. People lost their families, children and parents. WHO declared that covid-19 is a Global … Read more

On-Line Events on Twitter: Long-Live the Tweetchat – Marketing Insider Group

Reading Time: 6 minutes By some accounts, the last year has seen digital transformation accelerate by anywhere from 7 to 10 years from where we were in early 2020 at the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen the proliferation of on-line events, meetings conducted on Zoom, and the maturation of the “modern webinar” to a new … Read more

Julia Polisuk on Building Unstoppable Demand Generation Machines – Oktopost

Reading Time: 5 minutes Julia Polisuk, Demand Generation Manager at Cato Networks takes the hot seat today. For more innovative thoughts on demand generation, check out our Radically Transparent podcast on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, YouTube or LinkedIn. Watch the recording: Want to hear more from marketing leaders? Catch all episodes here.  Meet Julia Polisuk Julia is currently serving … Read more

Growth marketing roundup: TechCrunch Experts, creative testing and how to nail your narrative – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 6 minutes “It’s about focusing on the metric that directly reflects the value that your company and products bring to your customers,” growth marketer Maya Moufarek told us in an interview for one of our most popular marketing articles of the week. “For Airbnb, that may be the number of nights booked; for Spotify, minutes listened to. … Read more

B2B Marketing News: Targeting B2B Buyers Takes Long-Term Lens, Where CMOs Are Spending, ABM Use Rises In B2B, US Influencer Spending To Top $3B, & Media Price Inflation Concerns

Reading Time: 8 minutes US influencer spending to surpass $3 billion in 2021An increase of over 33 percent in influencer marketing spending is expected for 2021 — reaching $3.69 billion — recently-released forecast data shows, with a 12.2 percent rise predicted for 2022 and 11.5% in 2023, climbing to $4.62 billion, according to the forecast. eMarketer Ehrenberg-Bass: 95% of … Read more

France Passes New Laws to Combat Terrorism and Islamist Extremism

Reading Time: 10 minutes PARIS — French lawmakers have adopted two bills the government says will strengthen its ability to fight terrorism and Islamist extremism following a series of attacks that have hardened feelings of insecurity ahead of next year’s presidential election. Debate on the bills, adopted Thursday and Friday, had been pushed out of the headlines by a … Read more

Getting Started with Your First LinkedIn Ad Campaign

Reading Time: 5 minutes Share: LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. LinkedIn boasts that 4 out 5 members on the platform drive business decisions and the platform has 2x the buying power of average web audiences. Marketers have rated LinkedIn to be the number 1 platform for B2B lead generation. LinkedIn advertising … Read more

The Pandemic Olympics, Vaccine Misinformation, and More Coronavirus News

Reading Time: 8 minutes The pandemic Olympics, vaccine misinformation, and reinstated Covid-19 passes. Here’s what you should know: Want to receive this weekly roundup and other coronavirus news? Sign up here! Headlines The Olympics could be a Covid-19 ‘super-evolutionary’ event A year later than planned, the 2020 Summer Olympics kicked off in Tokyo today. For stakeholders, there was a … Read more

Pfizer’s shot remains strong against disease, but Israeli data raise the prospect of it waning against infection.

Reading Time: 7 minutes As Israel struggles with a new surge of coronavirus cases, its health ministry reported Thursday that although effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine remains high against severe illness, its protection against infection by the coronavirus has diminished significantly compared with this winter and early spring. Analyzing the government’s national health statistics, researchers concluded that Pfizer’s shots, … Read more