Pricing strategies for Freelancing

Pricing strategies for Freelancing

Hourly billing: This is the strategy most people already know. You bill projects basedon the amount of time it takes you to complete them. This tactic is efficient becauseeveryone understands trading time for money. However, for its simplicity, this approachalso has a few problems for the freelancer. Most notably, when you bill by the hour,you’re … Read more

Best Professional services as a side hustle

Professional services as a side hustle

So you want to start a profitable side hustle. Well, I’m pleased to say you’vedownloaded the right guide.Entrepreneurs use side hustles every day to fund their larger ventures. Full-timeemployees use side hustles to put extra cash in their pocket each month. It’s the roadto greater financial freedom, career growth, and countless professional opportunities.And as far … Read more

New Era Of Schooling

New Era Of Schooling 2021

Key to increase and innovation IT consultancy and service company Xebia lately hosted the XGRAD 2021 bigger education Summit online on the theme business and academic Partnerships: A key to innovation and boom. Dr Anil Sahsrabudhe, Chairman, AICTE, spoke about the significance of multidisciplinary education and lifelong studying. The colloquium discussed how business and tutorial … Read more

Promote Affiliate Products like a Pro

Promote Affiliate Products like a Pro

5 Proven Ways to Promote Affiliate Products like a ProWhen it comes to promoting affiliate products, most beginners don’t know how to make the right start. It’s a good thing that we’ve found five proven ways professionals use to promote affiliate products. Have a look. 1: Blogging Blogging is by far the most effective method … Read more

President Biden Picks for fiscal Regulator Jobs Emphasize Transparency and equity

Biden’s Picks for fiscal Regulator Jobs

President Biden’s picks to lead two vital regulatory organizations — the Securities and trade fee and the client fiscal insurance plan Bureau — wired twin dreams of transparency and oversight of effective pastimes on Tuesday, emphasizing that people who spoil laws need to be held responsible for their moves. In a wide-ranging hearing before the … Read more