Vice President releases five volumes of ‘Sir Chhotu Ram: Writings and Speeches’

Reading Time: 8 minutes New Delhi: Vice President, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu today called for developing an integrated approach towards rural economy to ensure income security for farmers. Lauding farmers for not letting the country down even during the trying times of COVID-19 pandemic, he emphasised that our objective should be the overall improvement of rural economy and the … Read more

Top 7 Infallible SEO Techniques From The Book Of Experts

Reading Time: 14 minutes Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and signing up to directories. With more and more algorithm changes, achieving a quality SEO has never been more difficult. Strategies that could have given your web pages that front page result in 2017, may not work in 2018.  That’s why it’s important to stay ahead.     … Read more

Australian PM says he understands France’s ‘disappointment’ over submarine snub

Reading Time: 5 minutes Australia’s prime minister has said he understands France’s “disappointment” after his government ditched a multibillion-dollar submarine deal in favour of a pact with the United States and Britain. Scott Morrison defended his decision to pull out of the £30 billion agreement with the French, claiming that it was made because of “national defence interest”. By … Read more

Why will VR Mobile Apps Drive the Market in 2018?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Virtual Reality has experienced a massive level of success over the years and interestingly, there’s more to come its way in the subsequent years. Virtual Reality is already in extensive use all over the world which is pretty much reflected by the increasing popularity and demand for VR mobile apps and services. Considering the massive … Read more

Op-Ed: Just teach the truth about America’s less-than-glorious history

Reading Time: 11 minutes I have spent 50 years teaching college students from coast to coast and points in between, and while much has changed over those years, one thing has not: an often abysmal ignorance among my students of the less-than-glorious side of American history. That disturbing reality slapped me across the face anew when, early this month, … Read more

4 Ways To Break Into The Wedding Industry

Reading Time: 8 minutes The wedding industry is a field a lot of people wish they could get involved with, but don’t exactly know how. With such limited space (as well as limited availability given the industry’s seasonal nature) it’s often perceived as quite the challenge to break into. However, with the right skillset and planning, there’s much more … Read more

Top SEO Techniques For Your Business’s Blog

Reading Time: 8 minutes As any business leader knows, getting more potential customers to find out about your service or product is what makes money. Of course, you need a good team working with you, and a business plan that you’ve revised over and over, and funders you can count on, but without a constant influx of customers, you … Read more

Epic Traffic Towards Your Digital Presence- 7 Smart Hacks

Reading Time: 10 minutes As a marketer or business owner, what often comes after customers on a business wish list ? Epic traffic to his website. A good website is just like having an extra employee, one who works 24/7, answer queries, give information and can be the face of the company. There are more than 1.24 billion websites … Read more

Websites and Apps for a Budget-Friendly Wedding

Reading Time: 9 minutes Your wedding may be the happiest day of your life, but planning such an important event may prove more challenging and more expensive than you ever imagined. As your to-do list gets longer than the train of your Azazie ball gown and your debt piles up like so much homemade confetti, you need all the … Read more